Chiese e cattedrali in Dnepropetrovsk
Dnepropetrovsk chiese e cattedrali, chiese più visitati, visti Chiese a Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovsk Chiese e cattedrali

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Chiese e cattedrali

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Chiese e cattedrali in Dnepropetrovsk

0* Bryansk Cathedral, Брянский собор
Bryansk Cathedral, Брянский собор
Località: Ukraine, Dnepropetrowsk

 In 1913 - 1915 in Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava Province, architect George Turovetskii and St Petersburg architect Evstafyev Konstantinovich, was built Bryansk Nicholas Church. Historic its name - "Bryansk". Residents of the city is called - "Bryansk" Cathedral.

0* Church of the Holy Cross, Церковь Воздвижения Креста
Church of the Holy Cross, Церковь Воздвижения Креста
Località: Ucraina, Dnepropetrovsk

 The church was designed by the military churches approved by the Building Commission in 1901, the architect Fyodor Verzhbitsky. Total in Imperial Russia by 1917 was built at least 60 such churches.

0* Holy Trinity Cathedral, Свято-Троицкий собор
Holy Trinity Cathedral, Свято-Троицкий собор
Località: Ucraina, Dnepropetrovsk

 Holy Trinity Cathedral was built in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, in place of the first urban church. A small wooden church, consecrated January 15, 1791, after 40 years of dilapidated and the merchants of the city appealed to the St. Petersburg architects Charlemagne - Bode LI Visconti and PI, who designed the Church of the Assumption.

0* Preobrazhenskiy cathedral, Спасо-Преображенский собор
Preobrazhenskiy cathedral, Спасо-Преображенский собор
Località: Ucraina, Dnepropetrovsk

 Preobrazhenskiy cathedral (1830-35). The construction has been started during Ekaterina's travel II on southern possession. Has high architectural - art value as a construction in which traditions and receptions of Russian classical school of the period of its blossoming were reflected.

0* Temple Complex, Храмовый комплекс
Temple Complex, Храмовый комплекс
Località: Ucraina, Dnepropetrovsk

 Temple complex in honor of the Mother of God icon "Iver" in Dnipropetrovsk was built at the place where in ancient times was an ancient settlement - hillfort Old Samara. This unique sanctuary is a fraternal prayer Mission Skete of Holy Righteous Anna on Mount Athos. Temple complex is made in the Byzantine style.

0* Temple of Vladimir, Храм Владимира
Temple of Vladimir, Храм Владимира
Località: Ucraina, Dnepropetrovsk

 Church of St. Vladimir refers to Dnipropetrovsk and Pavlograd diocese. Temple fairly young and the first prayer service in the feast of the Holy Trinity has been served May 28, 1999. The temple was erected by the parishioners, as well as other Orthodox communities.

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