Madre Patria a Kiev
Kiev Madre Patria, il monumento storico di architettura, fotografia e la descrizione della Madre Patria, Grande Guerra Patriottica Museo a Kiev, viaggi a Monumento della Madre Patria, statua di Madre Patria a Kiev, hotel vicino al monumento Madre Patria

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Madre Patria

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Madre Patria a Kiev

The statue of the “Motherland” is situated in the one of the largest museums in Ukraine (more than 300 thousand exhibits). Over 20 million visitors already attend the Great Patriotic War museum. “Motherland” monument was built by Yevgeny Vuchetich in 1975 and stands over 100 meters tall and weighing more than 500 tons. The sword of the “Motherland” is 16 meters long and weighing 9 tons, shield of the monument with the Coat of arms of the Soviet Union is 13 meters high and 8 meters width.

Motherland Memorial
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