Przewodnik turystyczny Połtawa
Informacje o Połtawa, atrakcje w Połtawa, atrakcje Połtawa, zdjęcia, opis, historia Połtawa, ciekawe miejsca w Połtawie, zwiedzanie Połtawa, turystyka w Połtawie

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Wyjazd: 23.05.2022
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Główna - Ukraina - Połtawa

Przewodnik turystyczny Połtawa

Poltava - is the regional center, a city on the left-bank in central Ukraine.

Poltava city is largest rail hub and place of crossing roads. Is the city on a high left bank of the Vorskla River, left tributary of Dnepr.

The city is rich in many historical and cultural monuments, places of rest, quiet and comfortable boulevards and squares. The city already has twelve centuries, but he was still young, and each year becomes more beautiful. There are many hostorical places of interests in Poltava city. Khrestovozdvyzhensky Cathedral, Spasska Church, the the Arts Museum, the Musical Drama Theatre named after M.Hohol and the Philharmonic Hall.

Also in Poltava there is another well known place – The Field of Battle at Poltava Museum Preserve. The museum is located on the grounds of the battle field not far from the Poltava city.

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