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Użgorod Hotels

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Hotele w Użgorodе

4* Duet Plus Hotel, Отель Дуэт Плюс
Duet Plus Hotel, Отель Дуэт Плюс
Lokacja: Użgorod, Ukraina

 In Duet Plus Hotel the atmosphere of European comfort reigns and satisfies people needs. The classic and a modern design are perfectly joined up. Centrally located close to the Administration, banks, museums and other places of interest.

3* Intourist-Zakarpatye Hotel, Гостиница Интурист-Закарпатье
Intourist-Zakarpatye Hotel, Гостиница Интурист-Закарпатье
Lokacja: Użgorod, Ukraina

 The Hotel and Tourist Complex Intourist-Zakarpatye is situated in the heart of entertainment, business and administrative centre of Transcarpathia – the town of Uzhgorod. It is an excellent adjustment of luxury comfort and personal touch service fulfilling the picture of ideal place for a stay.

4* Old Continent Hotel, Отель Олд Континент
Old Continent Hotel, Отель Олд Континент
Lokacja: Użgorod, Ukraina

 The private four stars Old Continent Hotel is situated in the centre of Uzhhorod among the architectural monuments near the river Uzh. One can enjoy a marvelous view of the river Uzh and the old town from many rooms. Marble, crystal, rare breeds of wood, antique and exclusive handmade furniture, the perfect combination of classic forms and modern technical novelties make the Hotel’s interior luxurious and cozy at the same time.

4* Olymp Hotel, Гостиница Олимп
Olymp Hotel, Гостиница Олимп
Lokacja: Użgorod, Ukraina

 The Hotel Complex Olymp is situated in one of the greenest corners of the town, near the Uzh river and The Bushtynsky Park - guests' favorite leisure place. Hotel's convenient location allows its guests to reach an airport - 2 km, a train station - 2 km.

4* Praha Hotel, Отель Прага
Praha Hotel, Отель Прага
Lokacja: Użgorod, Ukraina

 The 4 star Praha Hotel is located in Uzhgorod - an ancient Ukrainian city with more than eleven centuries of history, the regional centre of Zakarpattia. This comfortable hotel will surprise you with its comfortable and warm at a reasonable price. Whenever you arrive, you are welcome - the hotel guarantees you an enjoyable stay around the clock - 24 hours a day.

4* Reikartz Carpaty Hotel
Reikartz Carpaty Hotel
Lokacja: Użgorod, Ukraina

 Reikartz Carpaty resort is situated in one of the most picturesque places of the West Carpathians, Zdeniyevo settlement that is at the foot of the Bieszczady ridge with the highest peak of mountain Pikuy (1405m.). The distance between the resort and district centre Volovets equals to 30 km. It takes 1,5 hour to drive 90-kilometer-distance to the regional centre Uzhgorod.

3* Ungvarskiy Hotel, Отель УнгварЪский
Ungvarskiy Hotel, Отель УнгварЪский
Lokacja: Użgorod, Ukraina

 Welcome to Ungvarskiy Hotel, this beautifully designed small hotel, is located near the city center of Uzhgorod and recently opened October 2007. The small hotel offers: 44 moderately priced guest rooms. Ungvarskiy Hotel is conveniently located near airport, bus terminal and railway station.

3* Uzhgorod Hotel, Отель Ужгород
Uzhgorod Hotel, Отель Ужгород
Lokacja: Użgorod, Ukraina

 The Hotel Uzhgorod - it's a modern, elegant hotel, the harmonic mixture of majestic interiors and comfort. Only from the windows of the Hotel you can appreciate the whole beauty of Ukrainian Carpathians, picturesque Uzhgorod and the only one longest lime-tree path in Europe.

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