Przewodnik turystyczny do Żytomierza
Informacje o Żytomierzu, Żytomierz, atrakcje, atrakcje Żytomierz, zdjęcia, opis, historia Żytomierz, ciekawe miejsca Żytomierzu, Żytomierz wycieczki, turystyka w Żytomierzu

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Wyjazd: 07.12.2021
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Główna - Ukraina - Żytomierz

Przewodnik turystyczny do Żytomierza

Zhitomir City - is the regional center of Zhitomir district in Ukraine. Also town known by a variety of names: Zhitomir, Zhytomir and Zhytomyr. Zhytomyr is the oldest city of ancient Russian state. The population of Zhytomyr is 280 thousand people according to the 2005. The area of the city - 6.7 thousand hectares. Zhytomir city was founded in year 884.

The city has a large number of companies which produce such products as glass, various fabrics, furniture, shoes, and automobile spare parts. Production processing of natural stone. Zhytomyr is divided into 9 neighborhoods: Hmilniki, Kroshnya, Vidumka, Dovzhik, Smokovka, Korbutovka, Smolyanka, Levkov, Poruba.

Zhytomyr region is very rich in minerals, so it is often referred to as «small Ural». Zhytomir - the birthplace of famous scientists, writers and composers. Associated with the city life and work of famous scientists and artists. In the city there are historical and regional museum, art gallery, museum of nature, the literary-memorial museum VG Korolenko and Memorial House-Museum of Academician Sergei Korolev, Zhytomir National Museum and Museum of the History of fire protection and the only Ukrainian Museum of Space History.

Zhitomir city on all sides surrounded by ancient forests, rivers flow through the Teterev, Kamenka, Lesnaya and Polevaya, Yaroshenka, Putyatinka. The city of Zhytomir is rich in parks and squares. In the adjacent forest area located comfortable sanatoriums.

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