Rozrywka w Odessie
Rozrywka w Odessie, muzea, teatry, kina, kluby nocne, kasyno, Gazy, kręgielnia, Zoo, Circus, Galerii Sztuki w Odessie

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Główna - Ukraina - Odessa - Rozrywka

Rozrywka w Odessie

0* Arcadia Beach, Пляж Аркадия
Arcadia Beach, Пляж Аркадия
Lokacja: Ukraina, Odessa

 Arcadia Beach is located in the Primorsky district of the city. This is one of the most beloved beaches, residents and visitors alike. Entrance to Arcadia beach is free. Once on the beach you can always rent a deck chair, umbrella, underwater equipment. At the beach area has many restaurants and nightclubs.

0* Beach Otrada, Пляж Отрада
Beach Otrada, Пляж Отрада
Lokacja: Ukraina, Odessa

 Otrada beach in Odessa is located in the Primorsky district. Far from Odessa railway station. Also, always to Otrada beach can be reached by cable car. Entrance to the beach is free. At the beach area located shower cabins with fresh water, rescue service, medical service and police department. If desired, you can always rent a boat, deck chairs, umbrellas.

0* Cinema Citi, Синема Сити
Cinema Citi, Синема Сити
Lokacja: Ukraina, Odessa

 Cinema Citi is the largest movie theater, not only in Odessa but in Ukraine. He was inaugurated April 21, 2007, and in its creation took about $ 6.5 million in multicomplex Cinema City 7 halls! which can accommodate about 1400 people. The total area of 3400 sq.m. theater.

0* Dolphinarium «Nemo», Дельфинарий «Немо»
Dolphinarium «Nemo», Дельфинарий «Немо»
Lokacja: Ukraina, Odessa

 Odessa City Dolphinarium was inaugurated June 4, 2005. Dolphinarium "Nemo" in Odessa meets all international norms and standards. Visiting Dolphinarium you can see an incredible presentation by dolphins and sea lions. Can you even talk to them or go diving.

0* Lanzheron Beach, Пляж Ланжерон
Lanzheron Beach, Пляж Ланжерон
Lokacja: Ukraina, Odessa

 Langeron Beach is located in the center of Odessa, and its name was in honor of the Governor-General Count Alexander Fedorovich Langeron. Entrance to the beach Langeron free. At the beach area located shower cabins with fresh water, medical service and police department. If desired, you can always rent a boat, deck chairs, umbrellas.

0* Opera House, Оперный театр
Opera House, Оперный театр
Lokacja: Ukraina, Odessa

 Magnificent Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater is once echoed with concerts conducted by Peter Tchaikovsky and ballets featuring Anna Pavlova. The interior of this impressive structure, which ranks in grandeur with Milan's La Scala and Moscow's Bolshoi, is richly decorated in Louis XVI style.

0* Zoo, Зоопарк
Zoo, Зоопарк
Lokacja: Ukraina, Odessa

 Collection of animals Odessa Zoo has 252 species, 1568 specimens. A large number of unique animals zanesono in the Red Book of International Union for Conservation of Nature, as well as the European Red List and Red Data Book of Ukraine.

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