Parki i skwery w Odessie
Odessa Parki, najczęściej odwiedzane ogrody, parki popularne w Odessa, Odessa Green City

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Wyjazd: 17.10.2021
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Parki i Skwery

Główna - Ukraina - Odessa - Parki i Skwery

Parki i skwery w Odessie

0* Botanical garden, Ботанический сад
Botanical garden, Ботанический сад
Lokacja: Ukraina, Odessa

 Odessa Botanical Garden is located on the French Boulevard and is the property Mechnikov Odessa State University. It was in this garden planted the first tree Alexander Langeron. The park contains a large number of rare trees and shrubs and flowering period garden takes fantastic shape.

0* City Garden,  Городской сад
City Garden, Городской сад
Lokacja: Ukraina, Odessa

 City garden Deribasovskaya in Odessa is famous for a kind of open-air museum. The park is located art gallery, which is a favorite haunt Odessans and guests to not only buy for themselves a work of art, but simply relax the soul.

0* Park of Victory, Парк Победы
Park of Victory, Парк Победы
Lokacja: Ukraina, Odessa

 Park of Victory in Odessa is located on Shevchenko avenue. The park is a great pond and fountain in this pond. Also in the park are many different kinds of trees, shrubs and flowers. In the period of bloom in the park is very beautiful.

0* Shevchenko Park, Парк Шевченко
Shevchenko Park, Парк Шевченко
Lokacja: Ukraina, Odessa

 Odessa Park of Culture and Rest Shevchenko was founded in 1840 and named the Alexander in honor of Emperor Alexander II. Park and was formerly very famous for it with great pleasure that liked to walk, Gogol, Pushkin, Ostrovsky, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Akhmatova and others.

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