Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Katedra w Połtawa
Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Katedra w Połtawa, zdjęcie, opis, zdjęcia, informacje, hotel w pobliżu katedry Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy

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Przyjazd: 20.01.2022
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Wyjazd: 21.01.2022
Pon Wt Śr Czw Pt Sob N
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Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Katedra

Główna - Ukraina - Połtawa - Cerkwie i Katedry - Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Katedra

Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Katedra w Połtawa

Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Cathedral was built in the 17 st. in honor of the victory of Ukrainian troops of the Polish Army. And these days, and in the historical era Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Cathedral is a cultural and educational center of the left-bank Ukraine. Initially, and for many years, the monastery was a male, but after a time he was transferred to the female.

The monastery consisted of a monastery belfry, in which the real pride was a bell weighing over 6 tons, Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Cathedral, Trinity Church, Semenovskaia church.

Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Cathedral
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