Kino «Pravda» w Dniepropietrowsku
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Przyjazd: 24.01.2022
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Wyjazd: 25.01.2022
Pon Wt Śr Czw Pt Sob N
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Kino «Pravda»

Główna - Ukraina - Dniepropietrowsk - Rozrywka - Kino «Pravda»

Kino «Pravda» w Dniepropietrowsku

Cinema «Pravda» in Dnepropetrovsk - this is a cinema complex, which was created by emerging technologies. The cinema is located on the left bank of the city.

In cinemas theater set deep Turndown chair, which will feel comfortable even the child themselves.

The cinema consists of three halls. Number of seats in Pravda cinema: in the great hall there are 404 seats, the screen size of 17.3 meters. On the first floor in Pravda Cinema in Dnipropetrovsk there is another hall with 148 seats and a screen of 10.6 m. The rooms are modern cine projectors German firm "Kinoton", an enhanced sound system for decoding Dolby Digital Surround-EX with the use of sound reinforcement equipment and acoustic systems of firms "Crown" and "JBL".

The guests are always able to visit the cinema complex, pizzeria, a video shop, relax on the second floor of the "Panorama Bar", the visitors came with their children have a nursery.

Cinema Pravda
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