Askold's Grave w Kijowie
Askold's Grave w Kijowie, zdjęcie i opis Tomb Askold's, zabytki Kijowa, zwiedzanie Kijowa parku, historii Grave Askold's

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Askold's Grave

Główna - Ukraina - Kijów - Parki i Skwery - Askold's Grave

Askold's Grave w Kijowie

Askold's Grave is part of the park complex on the slopes of the right bank of the Dnieper. In ancient times, this place was called Ugric wooded area. According to legend, near this place, on the banks of the Dnieper, in 882, Prince Oleg killed the Kievan princes Askold and Dir. After that, Prince Oleg managed to take the prince's throne, and he was a talented ruler of Russia. A Askold and his brother were buried in the same place where they were killed. Chronicle indicate that Askold was intended to govern Kyivers. There are reports that he was baptized in Constantinople in 860's, took the Christian name of Nicholas, and attempts to spread Christianity in Rus. Nevertheless, historians have put forward the hypothesis that the story of the murder of Askold and Dir - entirely folk story, but Askold's Tomb is the burial place of the prince of Kiev. In place of the tragic death of Askold was erected a small wooden chapel.

In 1810 the architect Melensky instead of wooden church built the stone church of St. Nicholas in the form of the rotunda. Later it was rebuilt and turned into a park pavilion. In 1935 he was attached to the construction of the colonnade, and in this same hall as preserved to this day.

In the XIX century, around the Askold's Tomb formed a small cemetery, where were buried many famous people of Kiev, including medical professor Mehring, Nesterov pilot who has taken the famous running noose, and many others. The cemetery existed until 1935, after which the space around the Askold's Grave was made into a park area, and all the grave sites were moved to a separate cemetery. Since 1918, not far from the graves was also erected a wooden cross on the graves of young Ukrainian patriots killed by the Bolsheviks near the station Cool. Their graves were also moved to a new cemetery.

These scenic spots have always been surrounded by a mystical legends and stories. They attracted the attention of both residents and guests of Kiev city and writers and poets. Askold's grave more than once mentioned in the works of Taras Shevchenko, the writer Zagorski devoted to this place his novel, which formed the basis for the libretto of the famous opera Verestovskogo. This opera has become immensely popular and even today we can see it in the repertoire of modern Ukrainian theater.

Not far from the Askold's Tomb is a monument to Apostle Andrew, the saint, who in the history of Kiev played a special role. According to the chronicle of Nestor, two thousand years ago the Apostle Andrew, after attempts to spread Christianity in the Scythian land, blessed the hilly bank of the Dnieper and the glory of Jerusalem, he predicted the Russian lands. Sculpture of the monument was created Shvetsov from a single piece of granite. The monument marks the glorious deeds of St. Andrew.

Askold's Grave
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