How to choose a country for vacation
How to choose a country for vacation

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How to choose a country for vacation

Many families, having sufficient financial resources, find it difficult to decide which country is better to relax in. After all, not only new impressions themselves are important, but also the special atmosphere of the country in which you are relaxing. It has already developed its own traditions, architectural monuments, favorite dishes, as well as a special cultural atmosphere. And, depending on your personal preferences, you can choose the vacation spot that you like the most.

Where to travel
Rest in Belarus is so diverse that anyone can find something to do at their own discretion. Belarus has always been compared to Switzerland. Natural landscapes, clean air and quality are in no way inferior to European countries. The focus of sanatoriums is wide enough. You can strengthen the respiratory system in the health resorts of Soligorsk.

If you like vivid impressions, carnivals, sea of ​​lights and hot impressions, then Brazil is the best for you. This country not only has a lot of gorgeous beaches, but also experiences, especially related to the nightlife of cities. For little money there you can come off at discos until the morning, visit the brightest nightclubs in the country, as well as listen to the bright ethnic music of Brazil, which sounds only on the streets of this country. Brazilian cuisine is distinguished by its pungent and spicy flavors.

If you like to travel through the ancient streets of the city, then you should think about a vacation in Greece. There are many ancient monuments in it, and the climate suits absolutely everyone. Greek dishes are distinguished by juicy and spicy flavors, as well as natural ingredients. In this country, bread, various salads and spices are prepared in a special way, which will appeal to both lovers of traditional cuisine and those who are looking for something unusual. There are many excursions to ancient architectural monuments in Greece, which will appeal to everyone who dreams of touching the age-old values ​​of the ancient era or taking a photo of them for memory.

Lovers of oriental culture and cuisine will love Vietnam. He embodied the bright colors of the oriental flavor, as well as ancient temples, which will appeal to everyone who is fond of oriental or Indian culture, as well as believes in the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui. So if you like bright colors, old houses decorated with stones like carpets. Visit Vietnam and you won't be disappointed.

Lovers of the classics and the Middle Ages will like Italy. In this country, each city is rich not only in vivid historical monuments, but also in its own history. Someone will like Venice and gondola riding, while others will stay in Rome, rich in historical monuments and ancient temples.

Well, if you want to know what heaven on earth is, visit the Maldives. Azure waves and white sand, clean clear water and the absence of poisonous insects will allow you to enjoy nature and relaxation in the Maldives, especially if you just want to relax by the sea and not spend a long time on excursions.

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