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Donetsk Otelleri

Ana Sayfa - Ukrayna - Donetsk - Donetsk Otelleri

Oteller Donetsk, Ukrayna

3* Atlas Hotel, Гостиница Атлас
Atlas Hotel, Гостиница Атлас
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 Atlas River Side Hotel offers you comfortable accommodation in guest rooms that follow through with international standard of 3 *** stars. Atlas Hotel is located in a quiet city centre next to the bank of Kalmius River and only minutes from shopping and business centre.

2* Aurora Hotel, Гостиница Аврора
Aurora Hotel, Гостиница Аврора
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 Aurora Hotel offers comfortable and spacious rooms of European quality and high comfort. New cafe Orpheus opened its doors for you in Hotel Aurora. Here you'll find elegant, comfortable interior of the hall, the high level of service, reasonable prices for lunches, coffee breaks.

3* Azania Hotel, Отель Азания
Azania Hotel, Отель Азания
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 Boutique Hotel Azania is located in the central part of the city Donetsk within 5 minutes walk from the Lenin Square. At your disposal 12 rooms-studios space 50m2 with individual design and layout.

3* Central Hotel, Отель Централь
Central Hotel, Отель Централь
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 A comfortable Central Hotel nestled in the heart of business and cultural life of Donetsk and designed for businessmen offering an excellent setting for productive work and proper recreation in Donetsk. International architectures took an active part in designing and ensuring the European style which meets the utmost demands of the modern civilized society.

3* Dominik Hotel, Отель Доминик
Dominik Hotel, Отель Доминик
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 Hotel in Donetsk Dominique hospitably opened its doors in November 2007. This elegant, comfortable hotel has a beautiful grand hall. The hotel has just 22 rooms, each is individual and cozy. Dominique hotel made efforts to create a comfortable environment for those who for a time left her beloved home, but do not want to change their habits.

5* Donbass Palace Hotel, Отель Донбасс Палас
Donbass Palace Hotel, Отель Донбасс Палас
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 The Donbass Palace hotel is a harmonious alliance of magnificent interiors that provide a backdrop for your comfort and convenience. The facilities were designed to allow you to access all necessities for work, rest and fine dining in whatever style you choose.

3* Druzhba Hotel, Гостиница Дружба
Druzhba Hotel, Гостиница Дружба
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 Favorable location in prestigious business and entertaining residential district of Donetsk in immediate proximity to numerous organizations and enterprises in combination with convenient traffic interchange give an advantage to the hotel in comparison with many others.

3* Eva Hotel, Отель Ева
Eva Hotel, Отель Ева
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

  The marble ladders, sparkling crystalline lenses of chadeliers, the refined decor, combining together style and workmanship, all this will cause in You the bouquet of the feelings cast by atmosphere of cosy and luxury. Eva hotel located in the centre of the city Donetsk.

3* Forest Park Resort, Курорт Форест Парк
Forest Park Resort, Курорт Форест Парк
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 Forest Park Health Resort was opened in September 2004. The resort is located on the shore of a lake in one of the most picturesque parts of Donbass ― the Velikoanadolskiy Forest reserve. Here both man and nature have created all the right conditions for a successful health recovery and an enjoyable rest.

3* John Hughes Hotel, Отель Джон Хьюз
John Hughes Hotel, Отель Джон Хьюз
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 Comfortable John Hughes hotel offers only best English traditions of European servicing, classical interior and up-to-date comfort. It is situated in the very heart of Donetsk. Eleven convenient hotel rooms are waiting for you.

3* Legion Hotel, Отель Легион
Legion Hotel, Отель Легион
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 Legion Hotel is the best hotel in Donetsk for people, who appreciate their own time, health and wish to have a good relaxation in comfortable hotel rooms in Donetsk. As other reputable Donetsk hotels, the LEGION hotel provides excellent facilities for guests.

3* Liverpool Hotel, Отель Liverpool
Liverpool Hotel, Отель Liverpool
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 Otel Liverpool sanayi metropolü, kalbinde bulunduğu yere şehrin iç içe iş ve kültürel yaşam. Otel tam bir dinlenme sağlamak işlek otoyollardan ayrılır. Özenli personel olarak kalmak yapar olabildiğince rahat.

3* Misteriya Hotel, Отель Мистерия
Misteriya Hotel, Отель Мистерия
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 A comfortable hotel complex Mistereya is located 2 kilometers from the center of business and cultural life of the city Donetsk. It is made for business people who are offered all conditions for fruitful work and good rest. Arriving here, guests dipped into the atmosphere of exquisite European comfort.

4* Prague Hotel, Отель Прага
Prague Hotel, Отель Прага
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 Prague hotel located in a park zone at the centre of Donetsk city. Faultless service, apartments equipped according to the highest standards, magnificent cuisine and unique architecture of the hotel will make your stay here unforgettable. Each of 41 apartments of two sections of the hotel is carried out in own unique style.

4* Rialto Hotel, Отель Риальто
Rialto Hotel, Отель Риальто
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 Boutique hotel Rialto was established in Donetsk to provide a high level of services for visitors and guests. Elegance and style of hotel is demonstrated by the comfort of rooms. After the reconstruction of this property to the highest possible standards now it offers various leisure and services on health and fitness.

3* Rubicon Hotel, Отель Рубикон
Rubicon Hotel, Отель Рубикон
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

  Economy-class hotel Rubicon, especially convenient for leisure travelers, businessmen and business trip. The convenient location of the hotel Rubicon enables you to get to the minimum time in any area of the city, including shopping and business centers of Donetsk.

3* Spanish Yard Hotel, Отель Испанский Дворик
Spanish Yard Hotel, Отель Испанский Дворик
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 Boutique hotel Spanish Yard is the most romantic and charismatic hotel in Donetsk. The hotel is located in the central part of the city. It takes about 2 minutes to reach the centre of Donetsk. This hotel looks like a patio. It has 12 small, cozy, rooms which are situated on the first floor.

4* Victoria Hotel, Отель Виктория
Victoria Hotel, Отель Виктория
Yer: Donetsk, Ukrayna

 Located in the centre of Donetsk the Victoria hotel is the right choice for travelers on business and leisure. A unique combination of charming atmosphere and excellent service will make your stay unforgettable. Whatever led you to the Victoria Hotel Center — business or rest — your suit is always waiting for you at the Victoria Hotel Center...

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