Kirovograd Oteller

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Kirovograd Oteller

Ana Sayfa - Ukrayna - Kirovograd - Kirovograd Oteller

Kirovograd Oteller

0* Dvorcoviy Hotel, Отель Дворцовый
Dvorcoviy Hotel, Отель Дворцовый
Yer: Kirovograd, Ukrayna

 Welcome to Dvorcoviy Guest Court located in the marvelous city of Kirovohrad on Frunze Street, Kovalevka district, near Nikolaevskiy Palace, which was designed by a famous Russian architecture and constructed in 1837. After the major repairs, the building of Dvorcoviy Hotel has preserved its antique alluring charm and opened its arms to the visitors of Kirovohrad.

3* Reikartz Hotel, Отель Reikartz
Reikartz Hotel, Отель Reikartz
Yer: Kirovograd, Ukrayna

 Hotels Reikartz Kirovograd is located in the central district of Kirovograd, in a quiet, calm corner. Going out from the hotel, it is possible to reach the center of the city just within 5 minutes walk or within 7 minutes to reach to bus and railway stations. The hotel is equipped with modern system of air conditioning and heating, electronic locks, wireless Internet WI-FI.

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