Lugansk Oteller

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Lugansk Oteller

Ana Sayfa - Ukrayna - Lugansk - Lugansk Oteller

Lugansk Oteller

3* Druzhba Hotel, Гостиница Дружба
Druzhba Hotel, Гостиница Дружба
Yer: Lugansk, Ukrayna

 Hotel Druzhba is located in the center of Lugansk is one of the attractions of the city. From its windows offer a panoramic view of Lugansk, and the surrounding area has an unusual landscape design, stylized as a Ukrainian village.

3* Lugansk Hotel, Гостиница Луганск
Lugansk Hotel, Гостиница Луганск
Yer: Lugansk, Ukrayna

 Lugansk Hotel is the biggest hotel of the city. The hotel is situated in the center of the city. Lugansk Hotel building is the highest building in the region (19 floors). The hotel rooms have a beautiful view down the city. Banks, offices, institutions, supermarkets, the sights of the city are located nearby Lugansk Hotel.

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