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Truskavets Otelleri

Ana Sayfa - Ukrayna - Truskavets - Truskavets Otelleri

Truskavets Otelleri

0* Ambassador Villa, Вилла Амбассадор
Ambassador Villa, Вилла Амбассадор
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 Villa Ambassador is located near the shopping center "Megamarket", 300 m from the upper pump-room. Currently villa Ambassador consists of 8 spacious, comfortable rooms, equipped with all required facilities.

0* Cesar Hotel, Гостиница Цезарь
Cesar Hotel, Гостиница Цезарь
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 New 3-storeyed hotel-building Royal Madical Cesar Hotel was opened in Royal Sanatorium Geneva in 2007 year. The hotel gives a great attaention on home comfort and a royal welcome, the modern facilities, complex spa treatment, combined with exceptional personalized service and individual approach to each Guest.

5* Chale Graal Hotel, Отель Шале Грааль
Chale Graal Hotel, Отель Шале Грааль
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 Nowadays modern person works more than rests. "Life duration is determined by the attitude towards her", - wrote Anatoly Rakhmatov. Therefore, for effective recovery and preservation of health one needs to learn to relax. Therapeutic recreation resort complex Chale Graal in Truskavets - a new, unique architectural style and format of the recreation complex...

0* Forest Song Hotel, Гостиница Лесная Песня
Forest Song Hotel, Гостиница Лесная Песня
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 The special appeal of the Truskavets architectural ensemble are its wooden villas. One of such zests is villa - hotel Forest Song, constructed in 1912. and it is an architectural memorial, that is protected by state. Villa is situated in central part of the Truskavets 5min. to buvette.

4* Geneva Hotel, Гостиница Женева
Geneva Hotel, Гостиница Женева
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 Geneva sanatorium extends its Ukrainian hospitality to the domestic and international Guests during many years, providing high service and health resort treatment.

0* Jasmin Villa, Вилла Жасмин
Jasmin Villa, Вилла Жасмин
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 Hoşgeldin rahat Villa Jasmin için. Truskavets Villa Jasmine 2007 yılında açıldı. 0,03 hektar - kompleksin toplam alanı. Burada, her zaman sağlığını iyileştirmek ve onların canlılık artırmak.

0* Karpaty Sanatorium, Санаторий Карпаты
Karpaty Sanatorium, Санаторий Карпаты
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 You will open on your own not simply the magic corner of Carpathians, where it is possible to improve the health, well to have fun and richly in content rest. You willy-nilly feel boundless love of people which created and continue to create this beauty. This you will feel, visiting a sanatorium Karpaty, the best on a resort Truskavets.

3* Khelli Hotel, Гостиница Хелли
Khelli Hotel, Гостиница Хелли
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 If you appreciate coziness and comfort at a reasonable price, make sure to visit Khelli Hotel. It is located in the center of Truskavets just 300 m from a buvette for mineral springs. Khelli Hotel is a quiet, cozy and hospitable place where you will always find special care and attention.

3* Mariot Medical Centre Hotel, Отель Мариот Медикал Центр
Mariot Medical Centre Hotel, Отель Мариот Медикал Центр
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 The modern three-star hotel with a European-style and health care Mariot Medical Center is a resort complex, which will satisfy the needs of the most fastidious guests. The hotel opened its hospitable doors recently - in June 2003.

0* Nabi Hotel, Гостиница Наби
Nabi Hotel, Гостиница Наби
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 Nabi Hotel geleneksel Ukrayna tarzında tasarlanmış bir mini-oteldir. Sadece 150 m uzaklıkta Naftusia, Marusia ve Sofya mineral kaynakları için merkezi buvette mesafede yer almaktadır. Misafirperver personeli, uygun konumu ve hizmetler burada tek tek veya aile tatilde ister keyifli bir konaklama için yapacaktır.

3* Oscar Hotel, Отель Оскар
Oscar Hotel, Отель Оскар
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

  Just open the doors of hotel and you will fall in love forever. The kindliness & refined coziness - that's how concept of comfort develops. It is a wonderful boutique style hotel, excellent European standard of service with bilingual restaurant and front office staff.

0* Promenade Hotel, Гостиница Променад
Promenade Hotel, Гостиница Променад
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 Within the fame of the health & holiday resort complex ROAYL HOTELS & SPA RESORT there was opened of the new Promenade Hotel in January 2008. The new 7-storyed 7.293 m² building will comprise 121 rooms.

0* Red Stone Hotel, Гостиница Red Stone
Red Stone Hotel, Гостиница Red Stone
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 Welcome to the first perfect hotel in Truskavets. Among the hotels in Truskavets, Red Stone Hotel is marked out for its rich interior, with the creation of which used only natural materials of the highest quality. The hotel was built in 2009.

5* Rixos-Prykarpattya Hotel, Отель Риксос-Прикарпатье
Rixos-Prykarpattya Hotel, Отель Риксос-Прикарпатье
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 Dünyanın en ünlü banyo ile ilgili tesisi, maden suları, Karpat Dağları ve pitoresk çevresinde şeffaf hava yeraltı kaynakları ile ünlü - Diagnostik tıbbi bakım ve rehabilitasyon merkezi kompleks Rixos-Prykarpattya Truskavets merkezine yakındır.

0* Sani Hotel, Гостиница Сани
Sani Hotel, Гостиница Сани
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 Sani Otel rahat ve sıcak bir atmosferde dinlenme bulacaksınız yerdir. Otel yürüme mesafesinde sadece 10 dakika uzaklıkta Naftusia, Marusia ve Sofya mineral kaynakları için merkezi buvette bir çare bölgenin merkezinde yer almaktadır.

0* Solamia Hotel, Гостиница Соламия
Solamia Hotel, Гостиница Соламия
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 Solamia Hotel is a new European-type hotel located in the center of Truskavets just 100 m from the city’s main square. Modern four-storey hotel building has unique design and was erected using high quality technologies.

0* Truskavets Hotel, Гостиница Трускавец
Truskavets Hotel, Гостиница Трускавец
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 Hotel Truskavets is located in the central part of town, near the lower pump-room. Currently, the hotel offers 96 renovated rooms: 32 double and 64 single rooms. In each standard room: mini-bar, refrigerator, satellite TV, telephone, hair dryer.

0* Villa Higina SPA, Вилла Хижина СПА
Villa Higina SPA, Вилла Хижина СПА
Yer: Truskavets, Ukrayna

 Welcome to Villa Higina SPA. Higina SPA invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of the exotic island in the world-famous city of resort Truskavets, where you will be able to recover your vitality, energy and beauty. Winter garden is waiting for you on the terraces where you can have a good time...

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