Karpaty Sanatoryumu, Truskavets, Ukrayna

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Karpaty Sanatoryumu

Ana Sayfa - Ukrayna - Truskavets - Truskavets Otelleri - Karpaty Sanatoryumu

Karpaty Sanatoryumu, Truskavets, Ukrayna

Karpaty Sanatorium in Truskavets.

Karpaty Sanatorium

2, Karpatska Street, 82200, Truskavets, Ukraine

Karpaty Hotel, Truskavets, Ukraine

You will open on your own not simply the magic corner of Carpathians, where it is possible to improve the health, well to have fun and richly in content rest. You willy-nilly feel boundless love of people which created and continue to create this beauty. This you will feel, visiting a sanatorium Karpaty, the best on a resort Truskavets.
On every floor, in every cabinet, number the love is felt. Love to labour, to the profession, to the people, to the life. And this, actually, all is said.

In the end, most whimsical aesthetes and gourmets, nayprisciplivishi zealots of high medical standards, most ardent admirers of health physical education and interesting rest by exotic things taste, granting in Karpaty herein will make sure. And making sure, will recommend to the friends and near, here always glad that, who loves the life and values a health. To inlay a money in a health – means to continue the life, which is surprising only from all earthly wonders given a present us by the most high.

Rooms in Karpaty Hotel.

Apartments in Karpaty Hotel.

Rooms are equipped with bathrooms, refrigerators, mini-safe, telephone, TV, on the floor - parquet flooring and carpeting, balcony.
Apartments in Karpaty Hotel

Conference service in Karpaty Hotel.

Karpaty Sanatorium in Truskavets holds conferences and seminars at all levels of complexity. There are two conference rooms: a small conference room for 45 people and large up to 400 people. Equipment: LCD projector, sound equipment, wireless microphones.

Conference service in Karpaty Hotel
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