Verbena-Beach Otel, Sivastopol, Kırım, Ukrayna

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Verbena-Beach Otel

Ana Sayfa - Ukrayna - Sivastopol - Sevastopol Otelleri - Verbena-Beach Otel

Verbena-Beach Otel, Sivastopol, Kırım, Ukrayna

Verbena-Beach Hotel in Sevastopol.

Verbena-Beach Hotel

Ukraine, Crimea, Sevastopol, Uchkuevka,
51 Kryazheva Str.

Verbena-Beach Hotel, Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine

Verbena-Beach hotel is located in a picturesque corner of Sevastopol in the village Uchkuevka, on the North part of the city. 200 meters from the hotel Verbena-Beach is the sandy-pebble beach Uchkuevka. The complex is divided into three zones: deck, VIP-area, Argo Lounge.

Rooms in Verbena-Beach Hotel.

The Verbena-Beach Hotel consists of 10 rooms of different categories. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, safe, kettle, hairdryer. The suite has a kitchen studio for self-cooking.

Standard rooms in Verbena-Beach Hotel.

Standard room in Verbena-Beach Hotel - area of 24 sq.m.
In the room: furniture, bathroom with shower, soap and shampoo, television, refrigerator, air conditioning, safe, hairdryer, kettle, pure white satin sheets, towels bath.
Standard rooms in Verbena-Beach Hotel

Junior suite in Verbena-Beach Hotel.

These rooms in Verbena-Beach Hotel has all the bare essentials for a comfortable stay: double bed 240x200, sofa, furniture, bathroom with shower, bidet, TV, refrigerator, safe, hairdryer, kettle, snow-white satin sheets, towels.

Junior suite in Verbena-Beach Hotel

Apartments in Verbena-Beach Hotel.

Apartments in Verbena-Beach Hotel 60 sq.m. consist of a bedroom and a large room studio. Room is equipped with all the necessities: a double bed 180x200, furniture, two sofa-bed, kitchen with utensils, dining table, two conditioners, two TVs, refrigerator, hairdryer, bathroom with shower, tub, toilet, bidet, large sink, a snow-white satin linen and towels.

Apartments in Verbena-Beach Hotel
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