Svyato-Vladimirsky Katedrali Lugansk

Svyato-Vladimirsky Katedrali Lugansk, fotoğraf, açıklama, fotoğraf, bilgi, Svyato yakınındaki otelleri-Vladimirsky Katedralinde

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Svyato-Vladimirsky Katedrali

Ana Sayfa - Ukrayna - Lugansk - Kiliseler ve Cathedrals - Svyato-Vladimirsky Katedrali

Svyato-Vladimirsky Katedrali Lugansk

St. Vladimir Cathedral in Luhansk this unique structure. Its construction began in 1993, laying the first stone was with the former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma. Cathedral was solemnly consecrated on 19 March 2006.

St. Vladimir Cathedral today is the biggest religious buildings in southeast Ukraine. The Cathedral can accommodate about 3 thousand parishioners.

St. Vladimir Cathedral
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