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Kiliseler ve Cathedrals

Ana Sayfa - Ukrayna - Odessa - Kiliseler ve Cathedrals

Kilise ve Cathedrals Odessa

0* Church of Vladimir Icon, Церковь Владимирской иконы
Church of Vladimir Icon, Церковь Владимирской иконы
Yer: Ukrayna, Odessa

 Church of Vladimir Icon was built and consecrated on September 8, 1996. The temple is located in a densely populated residential area, and every day of her learned more and more people and the number of parishioners throughout the entire time growing. Later was involved intensive outreach and near the temple was built Sunday school for adults and children with total area of 220 sq. meters.

0* Iverskiy monastery, Свято-Иверский монастырь
Iverskiy monastery, Свято-Иверский монастырь
Yer: Ukrayna, Odessa

 History of Svyato-Iverskiy monastery dates back to 1998. This year's meeting, the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, was asked about opening a new monastery in honor of Panteleimon Church in Odessa. In the same year on Oct. 23 was elevated to the first dome.

0* Odessa Svyato-Ilinskiy monastery, Ильинский монастырь
Odessa Svyato-Ilinskiy monastery, Ильинский монастырь
Yer: Ukrayna, Odessa

 In 1884, as the Russian Compound Mount Athos Elias Skete, was founded by Svyato-Ilinskiy monastery. Foundation stone of the monastery was made Nov. 10, 1894 Archimandrite Gabriel. And already in 1896 the construction of five-domed church was completed.

0* Pantelemonovskiy cathedral, Пантелеимоновский монастырь
Pantelemonovskiy cathedral, Пантелеимоновский монастырь
Yer: Ukrayna, Odessa

 The Synod allowed to build its courtyard by the 100th anniversary of Odessa, the foundation of the cathedral was laid on May 9, 1893, and as soon as on January 10, 1896 the courtyard was consecrated.

0* Preobrazhenskiy cathedral, Спасо-Преображенский собор
Preobrazhenskiy cathedral, Спасо-Преображенский собор
Yer: Ukrayna, Odessa

 In 1795, just one year after the founding of Odessa, the Nickolayev church was built on Sobornaya square. The cathedral became one of the biggest in Russia. It was almost 50 meters wide and over 100 meters long.

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