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Ana Sayfa - Ukrayna - Poltava - Konumlar

Poltava Konumlar

0* White Rotunda, Белая Ротонда
White Rotunda, Белая Ротонда
Yer: Ukrayna, Poltava

 White gazebo was founded in 1909, during the celebration of 200 anniversary of the Battle of Poltava. It was built on the spot, which during the battle of Poltava was Podolsky guard bastion of the fortress. Fortress had stone walls and was defended only by steep slopes of the hill on which it is located, earthworks and a palisade. During the German occupation of Poltava 1941-1943gg. gazebo was destroyed. In 1954, the site was inaugurated Rotonda friendship of peoples ", the project involved the construction of architect Vayngort.

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