Sinema «Ukrayna» Kiev

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Ana Sayfa - Ukrayna - Kiev - Eğlence - Sinema

Sinema «Ukrayna» Kiev

Premiere Cinema "Ukraine", located at the address: 5, Gorodetsky Street. Cinema was opened after the reconstruction in February 2001. Cinema “Ukraine Premier” - means that viewers can see all of the latest movie premiers at the same time with the world.

The cinema has two halls, "red" and "blue". In both the cinema halls there are equipment – multichannel Dolby Digital Surround system, which operates in accordance with the acoustic requirements of "Dolby Laboratories Inc.". Its main feature in the additional surround-channel formats Dolby Digital, which sound in cinema extends more accurately (for every seat halls alike), and passes all the nuances of special effects. This channel reproduces speakers located behind the back of the audience, while the main left and right channels - speakers on the walls of the rooms. With Dolby Digital Surround Ex, each spectator is in the room growing sense of reality occurring on-screen events.


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