Kent bahçe Deribasovskaya Odessa

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Kent bahçe Deribasovskaya

Ana Sayfa - Ukrayna - Odessa - Parklar ve Kareler - Kent bahçe Deribasovskaya

Kent bahçe Deribasovskaya Odessa

City garden Deribasovskaya in Odessa is famous for a kind of open-air museum. The park is located art gallery, which is a favorite haunt Odessans and guests to not only buy for themselves a work of art, but simply relax the soul.

The garden is always nice and comfortable, a large area with pink flower beds, fountains, arbors and benches.

Garden is famous throughout the world fountain of spirits, which every hour instead of water disperses handpicked french perfumer Christophe Lakaren aromatic composition. Also here in the garden, established the famous twelfth chair of the headset work Gambs that copyright of Madame Petukhova, mother Kitties Vorobyaninov.

Odessa City Garden
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