Diorama «Dnepr için Battle»

Diorama Dnepr için Battle Dnepropetrovsk, fotoğraf, açıklama, fotoğraf, bilgi, yakın otellerle için Diorama Dnepr için Battle

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Diorama "Dnepr için Battle"

Ana Sayfa - Ukrayna - Dnepropetrovsk - Konumlar - Diorama "Dnepr için Battle"

Diorama «Dnepr için Battle»

The Great Patriotic War memorial was opened to the 30th anniversary of the victory in year 1975 in Dnipropetrovsk.

This masterpiece was created by two masters of art of those times Bout and Ovechkina. The total area of the work took 840 square meters and was located in a building on the projects which the famous architect Zueva.

Once inside it seems deeper effect of the ground assault on the Dnieper. Panoramic survey radius reaches 230 degrees canvases. Nowadays Diorama is always open to visitors. A great number of townspeople and tourists are happy to behold in this masterpiece.

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