Kherson Seyahat Rehberi

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Ana Sayfa - Ukrayna - Kherson

Kherson Seyahat Rehberi

History of Kherson has more than 230 years. The city is the center of the Kherson region, or are simply Kherson region, which stretches in Tavria steppes in southern Ukraine, at the mouth of the mighty Dnieper-river, among the vast steppes, Scythian burial mounds, green vineyards and fields of ripe wheat.
Modern Kherson - a city of two ports - river and sea. From here go to the river barges and sailing ships, sea and ocean freighters and tankers. The stocks of Kherson Shipyard go tankers, freighters and other vessels.

Historical and natural monuments, cozy hotel, a kind of nature, the warm southern sun, sandy beaches, rivers and lakes - all this is the city of Kherson.


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